Higher Level Training System
Speed Agility Quickness System with bio-mechanical correction to improve athletic efficiency, foot speed, and coordination.




100% Sport Specific

A program tailored specifically to the athletes' position not just their sport.



Athletic Assessment

Biomechanical analysis,

posture analysis &

running form refinement.




Higher Level has carefully developed a training system to help improve speed, agility, acceleration, coordination, foot speed, and increase athletic efficiency. Whether you're trying to become a stronger, faster, or a more explosive athlete, you can trust our expert staff to get you to a Higher Level





HIGHER LEVEL LLC is excited to announce ...

We are adding a THIRD Summer Soccer Academy!

The Higher Level Summer Soccer Academy NORTH

will be held at Deerfield Park in Smithfield RI.

Sorry it took so long! We now cover the whole state!

Check out our Soccer Academy Page for more info





Speed - Agility - Quickness



Do you want to get faster and improve your sporting performance?

You have come to the right place! Your first session is always FREE which includes a posture analysis!


No other Sports Performance company trains like us! Higher Level has been training athletes across New England for over 10 years!


We train athletes from 8 years old within our Junior Developmental Speed & Agility Program, all the way to our Elite Speed Agility & Power Running Program which trains Professional level athletes and high end college athletes


Sports Performance with Biomechanical Correction

At Higher Level we enhance all of our athletes' motor skills and cognitive skills. We do this by analyzing and optimizing every movement performed by the athlete.



Come & join our Spring Training Program!


Higher Level will be running a ten week Speed Agility & Power Running Program every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday this spring. The program will run from 04/07/15 – 06/13/15 and will be held at Goddard State Memorial Park in Warwick. You can join this program at any time by purchasing one of our membership packages. You can train in any of the training sessions below, and you are not locked in to a specific session on a specific day.




 4:15 – 5:30pm   -     Speed & Agility Program                                     9:30 – 10:45    -    Speed & Agility Program


 4:15 – 5:30pm   -    SoccerCombo Speed & Skills                                9:30 – 10:45   -    SoccerCombo Speed & Skills


 5:30 – 6:45pm   -    Speed Agility & Power Running Program      10:45– 12:00  -    Speed Agility & Power Running Program


 5:30 – 6:45pm   -    SoccerCombo Speed & Skills                               10:45 – 12:00  -    SoccerCombo Speed & Skills