Soccer Academy

Higher Level Winter Soccer Academy


November 18th, 2018 - March 31st, 2019
8th grade and High School, entry is based on ability.

Sunday afternoons 3:30-5:30pm @ Wide World of Indoor Sports in NK

The prestigious HIGHER LEVEL SOCCER ACADEMY has been running for over a decade and our numbers are increasing every year as more and more people witness our signature combination training system. This is a proven system and we are the exclusive Soccer Academy in Rhode Island that offers this form of training. It is time to stop wasting your time and money on supposedly intense quick fix three day soccer camps! This Soccer Academy provides each player with 20 Training Days and 40 hours of direct instruction. Homework drills & exercises will be set to be completed throughout each week. This unique type of training includes real time bio-mechanical corrections to improve performance in each and every player. Each session within our academy is 2 hours in length which consists of  1 hour of Speed and Agility exercises and drills, and 1 hour of soccer training. Every movement performed by the player will be analyzed and then optimized through Bio-mechanical correction.

Each player will benefit from continual running form and flow analysis and will learn how to: burst & accelerate, decelerateevasive maneuvering at speed, and will also learn how to turn correctly to avoid injury. The Soccer curriculum will mirror the topic from the Speed & Agility training with the ball at the players’ feet. The soccer training places a huge emphasis on improving ball mastery and touch, as well as increasing foot speed around the ball. The Soccer Training will include real game situations to improve each player’s decision making and increase their soccer knowledge. Topics covered will include attacking, one-on-one defendingdefending as a unitcreating & exploiting spaceshootingmaintaining possession, and correct passing technique & selection.

Greg Murphy, who is an advanced endurance athlete is the creator of The Higher Level Training System. These Speed & Agility drills and exercises were designed to manifest any short comings or flaws in the mechanics of the athlete. Once the athlete understands and implements these changes they can optimize their sports specific movements to obtain athletic efficiency

For an additional $49 you can add 20 Speed Agility Quickness sessions within our facility
SAQ sessions run every day of the week, so scheduling won’t be an issue!
20 Winter SAQ sessions have a retail price of $299! You SAVE $250!!!
$699 Soccer Academy + 20 Speed Agility Quickness sessions


SpeedySoccer sessions consist of short sharp intricate exercises and drills both with and without the ball. There is a huge emphasis on technique, coordination and fast feet. Each executed skill will be broken down to ensure maximum efficiency in each players’ movements. Each player will learn the correct techniques in all facets of ball control using all parts of the body, and will benefit from an improved touch, softer feet, and an increased skill set.

Higher Level Winter "Technical" Soccer Academy


November 18th - March 31st
Sunday afternoons 12:00 - 2:00pm
Open to U11 & above
@ Higher Level LLC, 3377 South County Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02818

The Higher level “Technical” Soccer Academy uses Higher Levels’ signature combination training system. The curriculum is designed so that the Speed Agility Quickness Training within each session is reflected in the second hour when we add the ball. This way, the player has already begun to iron out any and all Bio-Mechanical flaws that is hindering and limiting their execution of the skill. SpeedySoccer will be implemented within this curriculum with a greater emphasis on ball mastery and touch. There will be no game play or game situational training, the program is designed specifically to soften feet, improve coordination and foot speed around the ball. Skills will be broken down so each player can execute using the correct body shape and form. Video analysis will be used to teach the correct striking technique for shooting and passing. This program is a must for players looking to hone their skills, sharpen up, and improve their touch on the ball. The soccer portion will have the players foot on the ball constantly for the entire hour, with a view to maximizing ball touches.

You can join this program at any time throughout the winter although we will only be accepting 12 players for this program due to the nature of the training needing a low player to coach ratio.




Higher Level Winter Soccer Academy
40 Winter Speed Agility Quickness Sessions

15 Speed Agility Quickness Sessions
15 SpeedySoccer Sessions

10 SpeedySoccer sessions
(To compliment the High School Soccer Season & maintain sharpness)

Higher Level Summer Soccer Academy (3x/week)
$1600 ($400 upfront-$100/month for 12 months)
This Package provides $425 in savings




Higher Level Winter Soccer Academy
Higher Level Summer Soccer Academy
20 Speed Agility Quickness Sessions to use whenever you like
20 SpeedySoccer sessions to use whenever you like

$1400 ($200 upfront-$100/month for 12 months)
This package provides $250 in savings



Higher Level Summer Soccer Academy

10 Fall SpeedySoccer Sessions

20 Winter Speed Agility Quickness Sessions

$800 ($200 upfront-$100/month for 6 months)
This package provides $150 in savings




Higher Level Winter Soccer Academy
Higher Level Summer Soccer Academy

$1250 ($150 upfront-$100/month for 11 months)

Higher Level LLC
Sports Performance
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