Lacrosse Academy


June 25th, 2018 – August 15th, 2018

Monday & Wednesday Evenings


Our Newest Training Program Specifically for Girl Lacrosse Players!

The only summer long lacrosse specific training in Rhode Island.

Are your lacrosse skills up to par? Or are your opponents and teammates faking you out and leaving you in the dust? Stick Skills and Speed are two of the most important things in lacrosse and if you don’t have them you will be left behind!

This Lacrosse Academy provides each player with 34 hours of direct instruction training all summer long. This unique type of training includes real-time bio-mechanical corrections to improve performance in each and every player. Each session within our academy is 2 hours in length, which consists of  1 hour of Speed and Agility exercises and drills, and 1 hour of lacrosse training. The lacrosse training places a huge emphasis on improving Stick Skills and Wrist Strength, as well as Increasing Comfort and Speed of Play with the stick. Every movement performed by the player will be analyzed and then optimized through Bio-mechanical correction. Each player will benefit from the continual running form and flow analysis and will learn how to: Burst & Accelerate, Decelerate, Use Evasive Maneuvers at Speed, and also learn how to turn correctly to avoid injury.

The Lacrosse Curriculum will mirror the topic from the Speed & Agility training with the stick in the players’ hands. Game Situational Play and Recognition will be covered in order to expand the players Lacrosse Knowledge. 

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