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                    Greg Murphy                                      Adam Howarth

                Founder & Developer                           Speed & Agility Specialist

           Higher Level Training System                         B.S - Kinesiology    




Higher Level has carefully developed a training system to help improve speed, agility, acceleration, coordination, foot speed, and increase athletic efficiency. Whether you're trying to become a stronger, faster, or a more explosive athlete, you can trust our expert staff to get you to a Higher Level!




What we do...


We teach athletes how to train harder and smarter. What makes us different from other sports performance companies is the fact that we make in the moment bio-mechanical corrections, which gives the athlete huge gains in a shorter period of time. We train athletes to be self-aware so they can self-correct through our training methods. There is a steep learning curve to what we do and it all stems from how we do it. The athlete makes many monumental gains over an 8 week program, but we frequently see them make big breakthroughs and become faster and quicker in one given session. The key to this is that our trainers are always assessing and evaluating our athletes. This is why our athletes makes such huge gains that impact their sporting performance. As soon as our trainers recognize a flaw in running form or any type of movement that is hindering the athlete, Higher Level will then correct it then and there and make the athlete self-aware. We then work on maximizing and optimizing all the power and speed that the athlete has and then use that energy as efficiently and effectively as possible.


At Higher Level we will take you to places you have never been in your training, training you one step harder than you think you can go. This improves your strength of mind and makes you more confident and focused.


A coach of any sport would tell you if you were consistently doing something wrong such as picking the wrong pass or using the incorrect technique. So why not do the same when it comes to running, turning, jumping, and sprinting technique?


This is exactly what Higher Level does! We correct any flaws in any of the sports specific movements you make. This makes you faster, quicker, and more efficient immediately.


More often than not, a flaw or shortcoming in your jog or run can affect the acceleration burst resulting in a loss of half or one full step instantly. Higher Level will not only work to prevent the loss of that step, but by addressing the flaw we are able to gain a step as a result of our correction that will increase the athlete’s reaction time and flow. Most sports both at the college and professional level come down to a matter of inches that divide the thin line between winning and losing. At Higher Level we help you bridge and close that gap.


While being a running based training system, we also lean heavily into our ability to delve into the mind of the athlete. Without a clear head, an athlete may never reach their true potential of his/her athletic self. This training is hard! That is why our learning curve is so steep. We make it possible for an athlete to have profound and lasting progression moment by moment in each session. The cleaner an athlete becomes, the deeper we can go. There is no end to the development of this training system.


Higher Level stresses being an independent, confident, mature athlete. Higher Level will show you how to highlight your strengths and hide weakness. We will show you how to detect the same in your opponents.


 Injury Prevention - Eliminate the physical therapist!


Injury prevention is the result of bio-mechanical correction. One of the most obvious benefits to training with Higher Level is that we unlock the joints of the body to create free flow. Our athletes simply spend much less time injured on the sidelines than their peers because they learn how to run, spin, and turn properly. We are able to refine and harness the forces of torque. Over torquing can result in the athlete unwittingly over compensating at the moment of power and therefore injuring themselves. By limiting injury we can maximize an athlete’s training capacity so they can fulfill their potential. Correcting our athlete’s posture and form ensures that they are less likely to sustain joint injury from running and moving incorrectly throughout their active lifetime. Less wear and tear on cartilage and bone by running correctly, and limiting stress on joints, muscles and ligaments.