Higher Level Program Structure

Higher Level operates a three tiered Speed, Agility, & Quickness Program, where our athletes can progress through our structured system. Athletes will graduate to a more advanced program based purely on ability level and not age.





Junior Developmental Program

Designed to enhance and develop the motor and cognitive skills for our younger athletes.

This program gives these young athletes a competitive advantage over the their peers. Athletes will learn the basic Higher Level signature moves and exercises where they will hone their coordination and begin to be self-aware.




Speed Agility Program (Ability Appropriate)

This program incorporates advanced athletic correction at speed and in real time.

Developing and adjusting the athletes starting positions and athletic coordination.

Introduction to athletic efficiency while experiencing physical exertion with performance refinement by improving motor and cognitive skills in preparation for the "Advanced SAP Program."




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Advanced Speed Agility Program (College, and Professional Level Athletes)

This progam is designed for the athletes who have fine tuned their athletic abilities and progressed through Higher Level Systems. At this level athletes will have minimal athletic impairments and mental relapses. This allows us to develop a high aerobic training program. These training sessions become both longer and harder, where each athlete is subjected to physical exhaustion and the mind is placed under increased pressure. This opens the window to REDZONE training where the mind is being conditioned to eliminate fear of failure and to boost confidence.