College & Pro Training


The Higher Level Summer College Session is a serious running and speed oriented program and a must for any serious athlete. This program is designed to deliver each athlete to pre-season with a true fitness peak. No college training packet can train you this hard, you will hit the wall and break through it! The mental strength gained from this type of training is unrivaled, there is no way you can push yourself this hard even if your “College Summer Workout Packet” tells you so!


The program works backward from the day that you leave for school to ensure that each athlete leaves fit, fresh and ready for the rigors of COLLEGE SPORTS.

5:30-8:30PM - Every Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday for the duration of the summer. Sessions are held in both East Greenwich and Warwick.

These sessions are set in stone and attendance is mandatory. Only a minimum of absence is allowed for the simple reason that this is a program where you can get left behind easily if you do not commit fully. Each athlete truly depends on the others to get through the tough parts and a team atmosphere is exactly what drives the sessions’ as they get harder. Another reason for mandatory attendance is that we also control your rest (or lack of it if we say so) on the off days in order to make sure that the pressure in the body is regulated and controlled. We are working to ensure that your peak is complete.

We will do every fitness test that your college packet outlines, and you will master it prior to stepping on campus.

Bio-mechanical correction and fast twitch muscle fiber refinement is not all we do. We use our own body weight resistance in training that will have you lean but strong going in. By the end of the summer you will be banging out push ups with ease, and your core strength will be the best it’s ever been!

Proper stretching, proper warm-up and cool down and high-end pain management techniques facilitate the advanced fatigue training that becomes more serious as each week goes by. Each session is precious. This is our best work!

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