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Higher Level Select Soccer School

The Higher Level Soccer School is a formalized supplemental Soccer School that is totally geared towards player development. The Soccer School will provide a comprehensive and detailed curriculum which will include:

  • SpeedySoccer Sessions    To Enhance foot speed and improve touch at speed
  • Tactical White Board Sessions  To Improve Soccer IQ and understanding
  • Speed Agility Quickness    Bio-Mechanical Correction
  • Video Analysis    Learning how to critically watch games
  • Strength & Conditioning    Enhancing support muscle groups for injury prevention

The Soccer School gives players the opportunity to potentially double their training frequency with nationally licensed coaches, who all played at the collegiate level and beyond.

Come and train with like minded players with similar ability levels who are also looking to improve their Soccer IQ, Speed, Strength and their understanding of the game!

What is the Select Soccer School?

The Select Soccer School Program is designed to provide a pathway to this next level of training. This program will assist town clubs with the retention of their players as they develop into more well-rounded players. The program will provide a condensed look at all of the features found in our Select Soccer Academy club. They will get to experience everything that our HLSSA club teams offer without the heavy training frequency. Players will see a clear pathway to where they aspire to be, this training is the road map required to help get them to their desired destination. Players will be able to dip their toe in the water and see if they are up to the challenge instead of “jumping ship” and going straight into paying $3,000 to go to a so called “premier club” that doesn’t provide close to the quality or frequency of training we are offering within our Select Soccer School program. By creating an environment that is structurally similar to the full Select Academy we believe that progressing to the next level is now a possibility.

How and why is this different?

We believe that participation at the town recreational soccer level is an essential step and a great way for kids to learn, have fun, and fall in love with the game with their friends without any added/increased pressure. Convincing parents of young players of the need for excessive travel and excessive time commitment is a recipe for early burn out. Once they are old enough and developed enough, introducing them to what we can offer to them as a club with a more rigorous program is a better pathway. This pathway enables players to see if they are ready to progress to a more competitive level.

It is very hard to offer a consistent product when a team has 23 players on their roster. Often, there is a single coach on half of a Wide World field running virtually the same session week in and week out. With this type of player to coach ratio and no variety each week, progression is stunted and slow. The School curriculum is designed to enable progression through time. By providing real time feedback to each player we are able to increase intensity and focus on a weekly basis.

Each training session will vary in order to allow players to experience Speedy Soccer, Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ), position specific training, strength and conditioning sessions (to prevent injury and enhance assisting muscle groups), video analysis and whiteboard tactical sessions. Players will also experience what it is like to be trained by a true sports performance company.

With this model players will not be playing multiple games in a weekend that could possibly lead to overuse injuries. With many clubs there is no communication with the coaches of the town team and the premier team. Players frequently go from one intense practice or game straight to another. Rarely is there any communication that helps control and monitor the players workload which in turn increases the players risk of serious injury. With our model there would be full communication between us and the players town team coach. We would be able to monitor their frequency of play as well as educate players and coaches on injury prevention. We also ensure a controlled and systematic return to game play speed post injury. We never allow a player to resume full game participation until they are able to perform at or near 100% recovered.

How does a player gain entry into the program and who makes the final decision?

A coaches recommendation will be made to Higher Level and the evaluation process will be initiated. Higher Level will then determine whether “the player” is a good fit for the program and determine his/her group placement.

Does being a member of the Select School program guarantee access into the Select Soccer Academy?

Being a participant in the Select Soccer School program does not guarantee acceptance to one of the Select Academy teams.

What is guaranteed is that the player will get to experience all of the different aspects of the Select Academy Team without having to meet the enormous time demands required to be on the team. In essence we will provide the player with a toolbox full of knowledge and understanding enabling him/her not only to make an objective assessment of their true skill and ability level, but also help them to determine if they have what it takes to get to the Select Soccer Academy level.

What is the frequency of training?

Year Round Program  – Combined Town Club/Higher Level Select Soccer School


Spring – 1 day/ week + 2 Town Practices and Game

Summer – 3 days/week

Fall – 1 day/week + 1 or 2 Town Practices or MS/HS season**

Winter – 2 days/week + 1 or 2 Town Practices

**Those not participating in MS or HS soccer (5th grade & below) will get 1 training session per week + their town practices in the Fall.

Players within the Select Soccer School

will be “SELECTED” to train in groups according

to their coach-ability, dedication, work ethic &

ability level to challenge each player and to

achieve the optimum level of player development!

Select Soccer School Training Breakdown

There will be (1) training per week in the spring to compliment your spring club practice/game schedule.

Higher Level Summer Soccer Academy. This is a three day per week Soccer Academy for the duration of the summer with each session being 2 hours in length (90 minute sessions for 5th grade & below). One hour of Speed Agility Quickness training and a second hour of soccer training (45 minutes of each for 5th grade & below).

There will be one (1) training session per week in the fall.

There will be two (2) training sessions per week in the winter. One SAQ session and one (1) session which will implement all of the different facets of the select academy curriculum. SAQ, whiteboard sessions, strength and conditioning, video analysis, and speedy soccer.

The training works out to be 108 hours of direct instruction in addition to what your club currently offers. 

The cost is $1,400.

If you believe you will be a good fit for our Select Soccer School, please fill out the form below and be sure to include:

Date of birth.

Current school and grade.

Current club.

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