The YourCoach Athlete Evaluation Program

The YourCoach Program is a 9 month program designed to evaluate current performance and skill levels. We then create tailored workouts and training sessions designed to improve specific area’s and attributes. Each athlete will benefit from:

  • An evaluation and assessment of three competitive games or performances carried out by a collegiate Division 1 level coach for their specific sport.

  • A full evaluation and review of the athletes training day & game day nutrition logs. Each athlete will receive a tailored nutrition plan based on their specific needs and requirements.

  • Full access to all Higher Level training sessions at every location at no extra cost.

  •  Elite recovery information.

  • Personal Coaching.

  • 15 hours of coaching designed and tailored specifically for each individual athlete.

  • Personalized Off Season Program created for each athlete to work on in their own time.

All of the above information and data recorded and collected will then be reviewed and assessed in order to create the Ultimate Higher Level Summer Training Program. This means that the individual will receive the exact training and coaching they need in order to drastically improve their performance. 

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