Team Training

Game play is simply not enough to help your team improve throughout the winter! When you sign your team up to train with us at Higher Level this winter you will get a curriculum including Speed-Agility-Quickness training and Technical Soccer Training. Training will have a heavy focus on improving foot speed, coordination, biomechanics and balance. Injury prevention is also built into our training while teaching correct mechanics for bursting, turning, spinning, and evasive maneuvering.


Middle & High School Level Teams

Training for older groups will have an emphasis on:

  • injury prevention
  • strength work
  • biomechanics

We will educate players on the “why” as it pertains to certain game specific movements.

Youth Teams

Training for young teams will place a large emphasis on:

  • balance
  • coordination
  • cognitive ability

The technical soccer training will be a lot of individualized work while getting plenty of correct reps and touches on the ball.



Winter time slots for teams are $2,700

We typically have 15-18 players in a session

With 18 players that breaks the cost down to $8.30/player/session

Great Value!

If you would like to purchase a time slot or need more information please email us at

or call at 401-864-2215

Higher Level LLC
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