Growth Training System

Most soccer clubs run generic training sessions, not focused directly on player needs. At Higher Level Select Soccer, we take a different approach. We focus on player development which builds stronger more capable teams!

Our highly refined Growth Training System considers developing all aspects of a player’s physical, technical, tactical, and psycho-social abilities so that each player has the skills to adapt to multiple team systems and formations during match play.

Our system fits a weekly signature “Combination Training Schedule” comprising both On-the-Field and Off-the-Field performance enhancing components. These include:

Performance Enhancing Components

The physical training component focuses on developing a player’s speed, agility, quickness, and strength which is known at Higher Level Select Soccer as SAQ Strength Training; this includes exercises and drills to improve a player’s speed, endurance, and power, as well as injury prevention strategies and recovery techniques. A player can expect coaches to make biomechanical corrections within SAQ Strength training to teach a player to harness their strength and power, making them a more resilient and efficient player.

The technical training component focuses on developing a player’s ball control, passing, shooting, and other technical skills; this includes a range of drills and exercises to improve a players’ first touch, dribbling, and finishing abilities, as well as their ability to read the game and make effective decisions on the ball.

The tactical training component focuses on developing a player’s understanding of team strategy and their ability to work effectively within a team; this includes off-the-field team whiteboard sessions and coach-directed video analysis, as well as drills and exercise to improve a player’s positioning, movement off the ball, and ability to anticipate and react to game situations.

The psychological training component focuses on developing a player’s mental toughness, confidence, and focus; this includes exercises to help players manage stress and pressure, visualize success, and bolster a growth mindset.

Higher Level’s wholistic system emphasizes the importance of nutrition and recovery in supporting a player’s physical and mental development; this includes guidance on healthy eating habits, hydration, and sleep, as well as strategies for effective recovery and injury prevention.