Who we are

Player Development

We are an exclusive high-performance soccer club deeply committed to player development. We take pride in seeing each player reach their full potential.

Comprehensive Skills Training

We are the club that offers the most comprehensive skills training within the state of Rhode Island. Our number one priority is to provide each player with all the necessary training, knowledge, and experience they need to excel and achieve their goals.

Growth Mindset

Our club is built for players who possess a “growth mindset”, a key benchmark for a player’s fit in our soccer culture. Our growing network of families, players, coaches, and sponsors inspires a highly engaged team culture for youth and college-level players.

Our Programs

Our Academies are organized by specialized training centers of excellence tailored to the growth and development of a player’s age and position-specific skill set.

  • JR Development Academy (4 – 8 yrs. old)
  • Higher Level Select Soccer Academy (9 – 17 yrs. old)
  • U23 Summer Showcase Academy (18 – 22 yrs. old)
  • Goalkeeper Academy

We are excited to announce during this fiscal year, 2023, the launch of our new Club Incentives Program designed to incentivize, measure, and reward player development. This new program will further the club’s aim to enhance the growth of a player’s physical, technical, tactical, and psycho-social abilities on and off the soccer field.
We are also excited to announce our new opt in/out Sponsorship Program. All players who earn roster spots on the Higher Level Select Soccer Academy will receive an annual token that will make them eligible to have their Club fee paid by participating sponsors in a global sponsorship network.

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