Higher level Select Soccer Academy

A significant milestone for a player in our specialized training centers of excellence is to earn a roster spot on a Higher Level Select Soccer Academy (HLSSA) team sanctioned to play under the United States Youth Soccer Association organizational umbrella for competition in the highest division of the New England Club Soccer League (NECSL). HLSSA fields highly competitive teams for both boys and girls with Youth Select ages from 9-17 years old and College Select ages from 18 – 22 years old.

  • Growth Training System

    A player on an HLSSA team can expect to possess a “Growth Mindset” to participate in a rigorous Growth Training System focused on player development.

  • Club Incentives Program

    This year we will be adding a new Club Incentives Program to further our club’s aim of growing a player’s physical technical, tactical, and psycho-social abilities. The program is designed to incentivize, measure, and reward player development. Get ready to enjoy the benefits of your progress and accomplishments.

  • Combination Training Schedule

    Our unique Combination Training Schedule will prepare our teams for games and tournaments with limited travel throughout New England. Players can expect weekly on-field and off-the-field training..

  • SAQ – Strength training sessions

    Our trademark SAQ – Strength training sessions are designed to improve a player’s speed, endurance, and power on the soccer field.

  • Position Specific training sessions

    Our Position Specific training sessions are tailored to the Western European professional soccer training model. This equips a player with customized training to match their position specialization on the field. Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, and Strikers will each receive position-specific training. At HLSSA, gone are the days of being that player who is a jack of all trades and a master of none.

  • Tactical Sessions

    Our off-the field Tactical Sessions are designed to teach a player different systems and formations of play. At HLSSA, we use whiteboard and game video analysis to evaluate a player’s on-field performance as well as help a player recognize and exploit weaknesses with their opponent.

  • Eligibility for HLSSA

    Eligibility for HLSSA’s teams will be granted to players and families through a selection process including but not limited to submitting a registration inquiry, answering pre-registration questions, informal visits to our facilities, invitations to select practices and club tryouts.

  • Club fee

    HLSSA runs 9 months out of the year for middle school and high school-aged players and includes the 8-week intensive summer camp training. The Club fee for 2023 – 2024 is $2,500 including tournaments and summer camp training. A player can expect to pay an additional $250 for the uniform kit.

  • Sponsorship Program

    We are excited to announce a new Sponsorship Program in which all new players upon registration and acceptance by Higher Level Select Soccer will be eligible to have their 2023 – 2024 annual Club fee paid by participating sponsors in a global sponsorship network.